Fish Bowl Centerpiece: Is It A Good Idea for You?

A fish bowl centerpiece is a gorgeous addition for any home party or corporate event. Both as a stand-alone attraction or part of a larger arrangement, colorful fish add beauty and serenity, and create a peaceful atmosphere perfectly suited for pleasant conversation. But as with any animal, the well-being of the fish must come first. Let’s take a look at what it will take for you to present a fish bowl centerpiece for your next event.


Both betta fish and goldfish individually would be good choices for centerpiece attractions, but whichever one you choose, you should become familiar with the needs of the fish before presenting them. Both bettas and goldfish enjoy interacting with people, but that’s the end of their similarities – and they cannot be placed in the same bowl together. Here are some considerations when choosing between bettas and goldfish.


Water Temperature

Betta fish are a tropical species and require temperatures that range between 75 and 86 degrees. Anything outside that range can cause severe stress and even death. Goldfish are considered cold water fish and thrive best in temperatures ranging between 65 and 75 degrees, but unlike betta fish, they can tolerate a wider range of temperatures. Consider the temperature of the environment in which you will be, and if you opt for betta fish, you will need to supply a heater.



Betta fish see anything that swims as an enemy, so a betta must be placed in the bowl alone. Goldfish tolerate and even enjoy swimming alongside other fish, but because fish bowls are small, it’s best to place no more than two inside the centerpiece.



Betta fish eat live and freeze-dried foods like brine shrimp and bloodworms. Goldfish love live plants and specialty flake food.


Permanent Housing Requirements

Once you purchase your fish for your party, you will need to provide it with a stable, permanent home. You may choose to give it away, but you will then need to ensure the new owner understands and is able to properly care for the fish. If you choose to care for the fish yourself, you will need to educate yourself on the proper care of the species of fish you have.

 Though betta fish actually can live in a bowl, they thrive best in a 5-gallon or larger tank. If you want a community, you will need a larger aquarium – the general rule is one inch of fish per gallon of water. Remember that bettas need very warm water and a light will not be sufficient for providing heat.

Goldfish can grow quite large with maturity when allowed to live a full, healthy life, and need at least a 10-gallon or larger tank. Goldfish prefer an aquarium that is wider than it is tall, and will most likely need a heater placed in their tank to remain at a healthy temperature. Goldfish are messy fish and require a filtered tank.


The proper, long-term housing and care of both betta and goldfish is a subject you will need to familiarize yourself with in depth before choosing to present them as centerpieces, and this post does not supply all the information you need. If you are planning to add the beauty and serenity of a fish bowl at your next party or event, continue reading PCH Tanks’ blog for more information on how to care for all species of fish.


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Disclaimer: Live fish bowl centerpieces are not recommended for wedding receptions or other large, multi-table events. Large events mean many fish need to be accounted for, and they are often are not well cared for afterward. Lots of people and activity as well as loud music can also cause fish to be overly stressed and to even die.

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