Aquariums, The Key to Reducing Stress

Adding an aquarium is a sure way to add beauty, elegance, and enjoyment to your home or office. But did you know that they are also good for your health? Studies have shown that watching fish swim, play, and swish alleviates stress, lowers blood pressure, and reduces insomnia. Seniors diagnosed with Alzheimer’s who were able to gaze at fish experienced health benefits such as eating more, requiring fewer supplements, and exhibiting less physically aggressive behavior. Children who suffered from hyperactive disorder were significantly calmer after observing fish.


Regardless of size, virtually any aquarium holds significant benefits for those who gaze into their beauty, and having a fish tank filled with colorful finned friends is both healthy and entertaining. But each system is unique, as are the fish you put in them. The type and size of your tank, as well as the species of fish, will determine the treatment and schedule for service. To maintain harmony in your aquarium and peace in your environment, just follow a few simple guidelines.


Don’t overcrowd your tank with fish, and remember to take growth into consideration. The most widely understood rule for stocking fish is one inch of fish per gallon of water. Also choose species of fish that are compatible with one another. Some species don’t live well together, and putting them together in the same tank can lead to unpleasant consequences. Another part of good aquarium care is to maintain a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule.


At PCH Tanks, we inspect your fish for physical problems and for complications with other species of fish. Our water testing service is important to avoid fish loss, and we clean tank walls, water, filters, and glass – inside and out – to keep your fish content and healthy. We know that your fish are important to you, and we care about them, too – and we care about your health! Our goal is to help you maintain a Perfectly Clear and Happy Tank, allowing you the full benefits of owning a beautifully relaxing aquarium. 

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