The Benefits of Dr.’s Office Aquariums

Last week, I took my two-and-a-half-year-old daughter to a children’s eye specialist to schedule a minor surgery. I was perhaps more nervous than she; all she knew was that a doctor was going to fix her eye. I knew she was facing an invasive procedure, and I was facing medical bills.


Everyone who enters a doctor’s waiting room feels some degree of stress and anxiety about what lies ahead. Many doctor’s offices are adorned with flat-screen T.V.s and loud speakers, but reactionary world news streamed from a large television isn’t soothing, and nausea-inducing elevator music wafting from somewhere up above isn’t relaxing. As we walked into the eye specialist’s waiting room last week, however, we were greeted by a smiling receptionist and a lively aquatic world, swirling with beauty and life.




My daughter was as excited as I was relieved, and eagerly pressed her nose against the glass as she bubbled on about blue fish and white fish, black fish and green fish. I pointed out the live coral swishing slowly from side to side as if they didn’t have a care in the world. As we continued to watch, I became as fascinated as she was by the active, wiggling fish and the flurry of activity in their underwater world.


Medical professionals are beginning to understand the proven physical, mental, and emotional benefits a beautiful, relaxing aquarium in their waiting rooms has on their patients. If you are considering a fish tank for your office and have no idea how or where to start, PCH Tanks is here for you. We provide answers to all your questions, as well as custom designs, quality installation, scheduled tank maintenance, and testing of livestock, lighting, and equipment – all presented with a high standard of reliability, professionalism, and integrity. Call us today, we are dedicated to establishing and maintaining Perfectly Clear and Happy Tanks!

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