How to Change the Water in Your Home Jellyfish Tank

We’ve learned through the past couple of posts that jellyfish are delicate creatures, in need of specific tanks, water, and food. Now we’ll take one final post and look at how to change the water and clean out your jellyfish aquarium.

Jellies need their water to be 25% changed out once per week. You must protect your jellyfish by putting them into a separate container or bag inside the tank as you change out the tank’s water. The lack of decorations and items in the aquarium will make certain aspects of the change and maintenance much easier but because jellies are so fragile, there is still a degree of difficulty. Once you learn to safely handle and remove your jellyfish, maintenance can be done quickly and easily.

First Things First

Use a net to encourage your jellies to come to the top of the tank so you can catch them up into a bag, but do not touch the jellyfish with the net. This can injure or kill your aquatic friends.

Getting it Done

Once your jellies have been removed, turn off the pumps and filters, and use a cup or vacuum hose to remove or siphon 25% of the tank water. Remove any debris from the tank at this time, as well.

Use a hydrometer to measure the salinity of the water, and if it’s outside a 30 to 34 ppt range, prepare new water higher or lower salinity, proportionally. Adjust the substrate (the material that affects filtration, water chemistry, and the well-being of the jellyfish) so that it’s heaped high around the bottom of the bubble channel.

Refill the tank to about an inch above the top of the bubble channel with salt water. You may use pre-mixed or mix your own, but salt should be completely dissolved before adding it to the aquarium. Turn on the pumps and filters, and make sure the water is at the correct temperature: 77 degrees.

Reintroduce Your Jellyfish

Carefully place the bag that contains your jellies back into the tank and let them out, keeping them submerged at all times. Monitor your jellyfish for any signs of stress.

Read how to perform a full water change here.

For any questions, more information, or to schedule fresh or salt water aquarium maintenance, contact PCH Tanks, your one-stop place for Perfectly Clear and Happy Tanks!

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