Clean Tanks, The Key to a Healthy Aquarium

If you have a fish tank or are considering getting one, you are investing in a healthy future for you and your family. Aquariums with colorful live fish provide a peaceful, enjoyable ambiance, and have been proven to lower blood pressure and reduce stress. Maintaining a clean fish tank is an essential part of maintaining a relaxing atmosphere for your home and a comfortable habitat for your fish.

How often your aquarium needs cleaned depends primarily on these factors:


Where your tank is placed in your home or office

The setup and placement of your aquarium should be easily accessible for regular cleanings.


The size of the tank you’ve chosen

Oddly enough, a larger tank actually requires less maintenance than a smaller one. Since it has a higher volume of water, fish waste, chemicals, and other particles are dispersed over a larger area.


The filtration system your tank has

A filtration system is essential to keeping your aquarium clean and healthy, but filters need cleaned, too. The type of filter you have will help determine your cleaning schedule.


The number of fish in the tank

When an aquarium is stuffed with too many fish, excess waste, food particles, and chemicals float around your tank.


How often you feed them your fish

Excess food particles in the water causes pollution, requiring that the tank be cleaned more often.


The easiest way to stay on track with maintaining a clean and healthy fish tank is to keep a schedule with an aquarium maintenance specialist. PCH Tanks knows that you live an active life and that your fish friends are a welcome sight at the end of a busy day. We’re familiar with a large variety of systems and aquatic life, and can help you keep your tank Perfectly Clear and Happy! 

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