Educating Kids Through Responsible Fish Care

goldfishOwning a fish aquarium is a true joy, and provides health benefits and peace, as well as excitement and fun. Fish are one of the easiest pets to care for, and providing for them creates family bonding through a shared hobby and time spent together. But did you know that owning a fish tank is a tremendous hands-on educational tool for kids?


Caring for live fish is an excellent way to teach youngsters about responsibility, concern for others and for animals, and the joy of achievement. Aquarium care also aids in academics, such as science, reading, critical thinking, and problem solving skills. Whether in a public, private, or home classroom, or at home as an after-school learning project, parents and teachers can use a fish tank to teach life lessons to kids and to develop a love for learning.



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Fish anatomy, the food chain, the nitrogen cycle and the water cycle are just a few of the scientific topics kids can learn about from maintaining a fish tank. Biology, ecology, chemistry, and physics are just a few of the sciences connected with fish keeping.



Researching fish related topics such as species of fish, the right food and environment for a given species, plants, coral, and more will foster a life-long reading habit in kids by encouraging them to read for fun and education.


Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Collecting information from an aquarium by measuring and recording oxygen and nitrate levels, water temperature, and more, is a great way to teach kids about record keeping, chart and graph making, and to look for patterns of cause and effect. Discuss possible problems and their solutions, and have kids consider ways to improve conditions and prevent injury or death for the fish.



By caring for a living creature, kids are taught the basics of personal responsibility. Patience, proper feeding, good decision making, and concern for another’s needs are necessary traits for maintaining an aquarium. Teach the child how to keep the tank clean, to ask for advice and help when needed, and how to stay organized and on schedule with fish care.¬†

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