Have an Emergency? Call Us Anytime, We’ll Leave the Phone on for You!

Every aquarium owner knows that even seemingly small or insignificant problems with a fish tank can quickly escalate into a full-blown emergency. Parasitic infections and other ailments, power outages or filter pump failures, and a myriad of additional issues can destroy the health of your fish. If left without care for as little as one day, many of these issues can prove fatal for your finned friends.

 PCH Tanks is a full-service aquarium maintenance company that knows that you don’t have time to wait by the phone for a day or two until we get back to you – and that your underwater companions’ lives may well depend on our timeliness. We understand that your fish are family, and keeping them healthy and happy is our goal and our passion. Why spend your hard-earned money on a maintenance company that can’t or won’t respond to your emergencies in a timely manner? When you call PCH Tanks, you can rest assured that you will have our immediate attention.

If your fish tank emergency happens during normal business hours, simply pick up the phone and call us – that’s all it takes. But we know that emergency aquarium care is sometimes needed just after the store has closed, or perhaps in the wee hours of the morning. For your convenience, PCH Tanks offers 24-hour on-call Orange County aquarium service. We will answer your call or get back to you within a small window of time, and a qualified technician will address your true aquarium emergencies to your satisfaction.

Don’t get stuck with lousy, late service that leaves your fish tank unprotected, placing your fish in an unhealthy and potentially fatal environment. Your fish family deserves quality service that allows them to live an uninhibited life. They deserve Perfectly Clear and Happy Tanks – and PCH Tanks is just the place to provide them with a healthy haven-home! Call us today – or tonight – at 949-933-8190 for your aquarium maintenance needs or emergencies. We’ll leave the phone on for you!

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