Fascinating Fish Facts

At PCH Tanks, we are dedicated to keeping your fish tanks Perfectly Clear and Happy. But we also love fish! We are captivated by all fish, and love learning new facts about them. We’re sure you do, too, so we want to take this opportunity to share with you 10 fascinating fish facts that are not only fun, but will hopefully help you care more effectively for your finned friends.


I.      There are approximately 32,000 unique kinds of fish in the world today.


II.      Fish do not have vocal chords, but they do use a myriad of low-pitched sounds to message one another. They hiss, rattle bones, whistle, gnash teeth, vibrate muscles, creak, and shriek, among other things to communicate.


III.      We discussed in an earlier post that jellyfish are not actually fish. But did you know that starfish are not really fish either?


IV.      Female sharks have thicker skin than males, because a male will bite a female while mating. The great white shark is the only shark that can lift its head above the surface of the water to scout out prey.


V.      Humans have somewhere around 7,000 taste buds with which to taste our spaghetti and popcorn, but catfish have over 20,000 more! Most fish also have taste buds all over their bodies.


VI.      The bristlemouth is the most common fish on earth, and is one we rarely see because it’s teeny tiny, creatively camouflaged, and lives 100 to 250 fathoms (nautical unit of length) under the ocean’s surface.


VII.      The largest fish in the world is the whale shark, growing to a length of over 65 feet and weighing in at nearly 40 tons! Thankfully, these gigantic fish are docile and relatively harmless, and have allowed swimmers to take rides on their large polka-dot backs.


Whale Shark

fact and photo credit: animals.howstuffworks.com


VIII. A seahorse is the only fish to swim upright, and it’s also the slowest fish. It’s so slow, in fact, that a person can barely tell if it’s moving at all. The slowest of all the seahorses is the Dwarf Seahorse, and it takes about an hour to swim five feet. Most types of seahorses mate for life, and all seahorses can move each eye separately. They also change their color to match their surroundings.


IX.      The term fish is used when referencing only one species of fish (e.g., seven trout are seven fish). The term fishes is used when referencing more than one species (e.g., seven trout, two salmon, and one catfish are 10 fishes).


X.      Fish have multiple Christian implications. The Greek word for fish, Ichthys, is an acronym for “Jesus Christ, God’s Son, Savior”. This acronym was used to mark early Christian meeting places and tombs.







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