Five Guidelines To Giving Fish as a Christmas Gift

Diver Hoeppner dressed as Santa Claus feeds fishes during marketing event at SeaLife aquarium in Timmendorf near LuebeckAre you looking for a Christmas gift that continues to excite, mesmerize, and grant healthy benefits long after the holiday season has passed? An aquarium, or a new fish for an existing aquarium, may be an excellent choice! Children who want a pet but aren’t able to have a dog or cat will love their very own finned friend, elderly adults who wish they had a pet but can’t take care of a furry animal will find comfort in a colorful fish companion, and those who live in dorms or apartments will delight in the life fish bring to their small home. Those who already have a fish aquarium may want some more fish, or an accessory for their tank.


Photo Credit: L.A. Times Photography

If you are considering purchasing a fish or fish tank as a Christmas present for a loved one, here are five guidelines to consider before you go shopping.


  • Don’t give an aquarium unless it’s been asked for, or at least discussed. Fish are delightful creatures, provide excellent health benefits, and require minimal care, but they ought not to be given unless the recipient understands and is willing to accept the responsibility of caring for fish.

  • If you are purchasing an aquarium for a senior who lives in a care facility, find out about the home’s guidelines regarding pets of any kind.

  • Know what you need to purchase, and only buy quality tanks and equipment. A first-time aquarium owner will need all the tank’s components as well as maintenance items, a few accessories, and some fish. Low quality equipment will need to be quickly replaced and may result in loss of fish. If you can’t afford everything you need, consider asking a family member to help with the cost and sharing the gift.

  • If you’re buying new fish or accessories for someone who already has a tank, find out what type of fish they currently own. Some species of fish must never be put together in the same tank.

  • Pet stores are a better place to purchase fish than a discount department store, such as Wal-Mart or K-Mart. Bright, lively fish are more likely to be healthy, so pay attention to the color and activity level of the fish before you buy.


When you give the gift of pet ownership, you not only delight the new owner at the time, but you give the gift of long-lasting joy. If you have any questions about fish tanks, set-up, cleaning, or maintenance, contact PCH Tanks. Each system is unique, and we are here to answer your questions and we are committed to providing you with Perfectly Clear and Happy Tanks!

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