How to Keep Happy, Healthy Fish

Fish are some of the easiest, low maintenance pets, but keeping happy and healthy fish does take daily effort. Happy fish live longer and are more alert, active, and colorful, and checking on each of your fish every day will ensure that your finned friends stay lively and hardy. It takes little time to run down the daily checklist, but can mean the difference between thriving fish or dull, lifeless ones.


  • Determine if they are receiving the correct amount of food by observing them when they eat. Give them only what they will eat in 2-5 minutes. Overfeeding fish causes a cloudy and unsettled environment, and can cause stress for your fish. Rotting fish food also produces ammonia, and can be toxic for some species of fish. Take out any excess food within 10 minutes of feeding.


  • Count your fish each day. If one of your colorful pets is no longer living, the decomposing body can cause real problems for the other fish.


  • Pay close attention to their coloring. Red gills can be a sign of ammonia in the water, and red or white marks are indicators of disease or parasites infecting them.


  • Lookfor damaged fins. An aquatic neighborhood bully may to be blame, and, in rare cases, decorations may be defective and cause a fish to get caught or injured.


  • Don’t startle your fish by tapping on the glass. Doing this will only cause them to go into hiding whenever you come around, which means that not only are they not happy, but you won’t get to enjoy your fish!


These steps are quick and easy ways to keep your fish healthy and happy, but you can benefit too by simply spending time watching them! Studies show that observing fish lowers blood pressure and stress, and provides a tranquil state of relaxation. It also allows you to get to know each fish individually so you can tell sooner if a fish is ill or injured. If you have any questions about your fish or how to care for them, contact PCH Tanks. We specialize in providing Perfectly Clear and Happy Tanks!


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