How to Introduce New Fish Into Your Aquarium

Moving into a new home can be exciting, but it’s a stressful time, too. New surroundings, new friends, new neighbors, new anxieties. There are no two ways about it: If you move, you will encounter stress.


Just like humans, fish have to deal with stress, too, which can come as a surprise since fish appear to have a relatively worry-free time in their aquatic world as they swish and splash about. But though it may seem odd, fish feel stress much in the same way we do, and anxiety in fish can lead to serious health complications – even death.


Moving into a new aquarium can be just as stressful for fish as moving into a new home can be for us. Everything will be completely different for them, and, just like people, they may not always get along well with their new neighbors. Here are a few tips from the experts at PCH Tanks and on how to keep all of your fish safe and happy with their new transfer.


First Things First

  • Talk to an expert here at PCH Tanks to understand the nature of your existing fish species and that of the fish you want to move into your aquarium. Do some research on your own, too. We are ready when you have questions, and no question is too small. We want to ensure you are as knowledgeable as possible about your fish.


  • Have the quality of your water tested. There should be no chlorine, and your PH should match that of the shop where your new finned friends are coming from.


  • Make sure the new fish have plenty of places to hide before introducing them. Plants, rocks, and accessories provide a haven for your new fish, and help them to be less stressed.


Feed your existing fish before adding the new members so they will be less aggressive. Dimming the lights in the room and turning off the aquarium lights will create a less stressful environment.


Introducing the New Arrivals

  • It’s helpful to add more than one fish at a time, since the presence of a single arrival signals his vulnerability and increases the chances he will be picked on by existing fish.


  • Allow your new fish to float atop the surface of your aquarium while still inside the sealed bag in which they came. After 10 minutes or so, introduce one cup of your aquarium’s water into the bag, then seal back up, and let it sit atop the water for another 10 minutes. Continue this process until the bag is full, then use a net to transfer the fish from the bag into your aquarium, being careful to not allow any water from the bag into the tank.


  • Leave the lights off for a few hours to allow the fish to acclimate comfortably, but watch for signs of aggression between any of the fish.


Contact PCH Tanks with any questions you may have regarding introducing new fish to your aquarium, or any other aquarium related issue. We are here to help you create Perfectly Clear and Happy Tanks!

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