Jellyfish and the Home Aquarium

Did you know that jellyfish are not true fish? Or that a group of jellyfish is called both a bloom and a swarm? How about that even dead jellyfish can sting? There are a myriad of jellyfish types, and they are found in every ocean, some in freshwater, along coastlines, and increasingly in home aquariums, too.


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Jellyfish are fascinating creatures, and keeping them in a home tank can be a rewarding hobby, but you need to become a student of jellies in general, and the specific type you wish to house in particular, before owning them. Once you understand their needs and how to ensure their safety and health, only then will you be able to best care for and enjoy them. Caring for jellies is not terribly difficult, but it is expensive and does take special care and patience. They were not designed to be confined to an aquarium, but you can create an environment in which your new friends can not only survive, but thrive.

Unlike other types of fish, jellies are wild creatures, but they’re also remarkably delicate. Gelatinous in shape and consistency and composed 95% from water, they are extremely fragile. Tank decorations, plants, rocks, and even simply netting them can severely injure or kill your jellyfish. They also must be kept only in circular aquariums without any corners to prevent damage to tentacles. From these example, you can see that taking the time to understand your desired pets’ needs and fragility is essential. Jellies are beautiful decorations in themselves, though, so you won’t miss those little castles and bridges.

Caring for jellyfish in a home aquarium is not for everyone, but we will take the next few posts on this blog to discuss the proper tanks, care, feeding, and maintenance of these special creatures, so those who want to take on the joyous responsibility of keeping jellies in their homes can do so with confidence.

PCH Tanks stands ready and able to assist you with all of your aquarium needs and questions, so don’t hesitate to contact us at any time. We want you to know the joy of a Perfectly Clear and Happy Tank! Join us next time as we continue this conversation on these remarkably fascinating underwater creatures called jellyfish.

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