How to Nurse Betta Fry to Adulthood

11thspawnfish11weeksBreeding Betas requires effort, time, and resources, but the joy of watching hundreds of tiny Bettas fishtailing their way through the beginning of life is well worth it. Now that your Bettas have successfully bred (see our last post here), it’s time to focus on nursing the fry to adulthood.


After the female has released all of her eggs, she should be moved into another tank to keep her from being bullied by the male and to recover. The male is responsible for caring for the fry until they can swim, so don’t remove him. The filter should remain off to keep any currents from disturbing the fry, but keep a tank light on at all times. Betta fry hang from the bubble nest after hatching, and the male will catch and replace any that fall. The fry will begin free swimming within a few days. This is when you will need to remove the male, but be careful not to get any fry along with him.


Feed the fry small live food twice a day, monitoring them to see how much they eat. Not all of your fry will survive the first few weeks, but keep the temperature at 82 degrees and cover the tank to eliminate disturbances for best possible results. When they are one week old, turn the filter back on, but minimize the flow so it’s scarcely noticeable. Gradually increase the flow, but keep watch to make sure they can swim against the current.


At two weeks, the fry should be able to move into a 20 gallon tank. The new tank should be at the same temperature they are used to in the breeding tank – 82 degrees. Fry are still extremely delicate at this age, so take great care in moving them. When they are a month old, you can begin to wean them off of live food, first with frozen, then freeze-dried, pellet, of flake food. You will need to crush the food into small bits because their mouths will still be quite tiny. (See a growth chart here)


Males become aggressive and begin fighting between 5 – 8 weeks of age. They will need to be removed and placed in individual tanks, but put them close enough to one another so they can see the other Bettas. Begin using opaque dividers to completely isolate the males within a few days, though, since seeing another male could cause stress and excessive flaring. Most fry begin to display adult by about 10 weeks, so now is the time you will need to decide if you want to sell or continue to breed them.


If you would like assistance in setting up or maintaining your Betta fish tanks, contact us. We are dedicated to helping you keep Perfectly Clear and Happy Tanks!

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