PCH Tanks designs, installs, and maintains a variety of aquarium environments and systems, and is familiar with many different aquariums and species of corals and fish. We are a leading provider of Orange County aquarium maintenance services, helping fish, and their owners, stay happy. We are happy to consider the following sites quality partners.

Coral Obsessions

¬†Located centrally on the beautiful coast of Southern California, we have local access to the best wholesalers in the country. Yet, as variety is what we crave, we don’t limit ourselves to only our area; we have suppliers worldwide who allow us to offer you the best selections of hard to find and collectible coral and fish. Our goal here at Coral Obsessions is to provide Reefers with the quality coral, fish, and dry goods you are looking for at a fair price.

We formed our company in 2011 when two guys that met on Craigslist agreed the prices at local fish stores and most websites were too high. Many times, the products and services left much to be desired. We realize that to succeed in any business, the top priority must be customer satisfaction. Our pledge to you as our Coral Obsessions Customer is to provide the best in coral and customer care. This means you are completely happy with the product you receive when ordering from us every time, no excuses. We also realize that you may be looking for something we don’t have listed here at Coral Obsessions. Send us an email and we will do everything possilbe to obtain the piece you are looking for through our extensive network of Reefers and close friends. Visit us today at¬†

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