At PCH Tanks, we create a beautiful and comfortable aquatic habitat by providing:

  • Custom Design
  • Professional Installation
  • Cleaning of filters, tank walls, and aquarium glass
  • Testing for water quality
  • Orange County aquarium maintenance, including water changes, algae treatments, adding any needed chemicals and additives, service of all pumps, and adding water
  • A High Standard of Professionalism, Reliability, and Integrity
  • Inspection of lighting, equipment, and livestock for disease or complications

Custom Design:

We offer full service Orange County aquarium design consultations. We will collaborate with you, look at your needs, wishes, and lifestyle, and create the perfect fit for you. We will work with you to find the perfect tank style, size, placement, filtration system, and number of fish and accessories. We want you to be completely happy with the aquarium you choose!


Professional Installation:

PCH Tanks provides quality installation at competitive Orange County aquarium service pricing, and our professional installers work with care and respect for your home or office space and furnishings. PCH Tanks is dedicated to creating a healthy environment for your fish, and will set up and install all items necessary for your aquarium to thrive.



We inspect all livestock for disease or complications, as well as the lighting and equipment of your aquarium. Our attention to detail during the inspection ensures your fish, coral, plants, and equipment remain in the best condition possible.



A clear tank is a happy tank, and we are dedicated to providing Perfectly Clear and Happy Tanks! We clean your tank walls, filters, water, and aquarium glass inside and out.



Water testing is critical to avoid fish loss and to ensure continued health for your fish. PCH Tanks services fresh water and salt water/marine tanks, and will test the water of your aquarium for you.


High Standards:

PCH Tanks maintains high standards of quality, professionalism, reliability, and integrity in everything we do. Our goal is to provide you with the very best in Orange County aquarium services, customer service, worry-free aquariums, and Perfectly Clear and Happy Tanks.

Restaurant Tank Care:

We love working with restaurants! We are experts in working with restaurant, we hold restaurant friendly hours and are willing to show up during  after hours or other convenient times.

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